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2nd Annual Apollo Multi Media Technology Art Show

April 23-26 2024

36th Annual Kewpee High School Invitational

March 22-April 12 2024

-Kewpee: Students to Watch-
{a continuation of our Women to Watch exhibition, showcasing emerging artists)

Our first exhibit of 2024 was ‘Ohio Women to Watch’, which featured 11 of the top women artists in Ohio. We are going to continue the theme of highlighting women artists this year by showcasing eleven female artists from every show. The jurors of the Kewpee High School Invitational Show have designated 11 young women who have made an impact with their art.

All of these 11 Women's work (below) show exceptional skill and promise, from the quality of the work to the message within the pieces. Congratulations!

The students to watch: 

LCC: Hayley Chambers, Bryan: Sierra Miller, Bluffton: Kally Cotter, Ada: Ayla Tabler, Wayne Trace: Fern Jackson, Ridgemont: Grace Musson, Miller City: Mya Brown, Pandora-Gilboa: Anna Averesch, Lima Senior: Rachel Fronzaglia, Hailey Hahn, and Alyvia Kiser

A New World: Women to Watch

January 13th-March 9th

In collaboration with the Ohio Advisory Group to the National Museum of Women in the Arts, ArtSpace/Lima is proud to house the exhibition “A New World: Ohio Women to Watch 2023” at the beginning of the 2024 year. The eleven artists in this show have been chosen by co-curators Sso-Rha Khang and Matt Distel for their wide range of concepts and material execution in their work. These women challenge dominant systems of thought and navigation of the world through their alternative ways of perceiving their own worlds. The results shown in their artwork offer engaging interpretations of the multitude of realities that reimagine our very world. As Khang and Distel explain, “These works possess an uncanny familiarity that is disrupted by unnerving alterations that challenge us to look closer and critically examine what we know.”

The Artists: Kat Burdine, Kara Gut, Sharon Koelblinger, Calista Lyon, Mychaelyn Michalec, Migiwa Orimo, Kristina Paabus, Erykah Townsend, Catherine Whited, Xia Zhang.


Habitat for Humanity Show 

November 16th-December 31

What does habitat mean to you?

The definition can be as literal as a dwelling or as complex as an implied feeling. The exhibit will address the multiple meanings through unique and varied materials and installations.

The Artists: Laura Barnhardt Corle, Randy  Bennett, Terri Blosser, Aubrey Davis , Valarie Escabedo, Judy Greavu, Jim Fultz, Sheila Hernandez, Mike Huffman, William John, Tom Lehman, Avory Mayenschein, John  Rausch, Scott Rose


Scenes from the Sullivans

October 8th-November 4th

"Scenes from the Sullivans" is made up of photos, sculptures, cloth art, paintings, and even more mediums that the couple purchased or created in their travels to countries all over the world.

71st Annual Spring Show

March 31st-May 19th

Meg Nickerson of Cable won Best of Show, Annie King of Bellefontaine won First Place, Michael Huffman of Lima won Second Place, Anita Lehman of Bluffton won Third Place, T.R. Steiner of Bluffton won the Bruce Chesser Award, Becca Boutin of Lima won the Martha Gustad Award, Joshua Briem of Columbus won the Farmer Family Award, Kelly Massillo of Ada won the Meg Dickason Award and Camden Courtney of Findlay won the Director’s Award.

The Artists: David Adams, Grace Bailey, Randy Bennett, Terri Lynne Blosser, P. Brown, Rebecca Boutin, Joshua Briem, Anne Coburn-Griffis, Deborah Cook, Ed Corle, Laura Barnhart Corle, Camden Courtney, Deb Curtis, Nancy Frankenfield, Judith Greavu, Rhonda Hager, Brandon Hendrix , Sheila Hernandez, Michael Huffman

William John, Jr., Sylvia Kallay, Annie King, Anita Lehman, Tom Lehman, Elizabeth Luersman, Robert Magaw, Kelly Massillo, Harry Melroy, Bob Minto, Liza Mowry, Meghan Nickerson, Lynn Phillips, Elliot Rankin, Amanda Rose, Scott Rose, John Rausch, Leah Sanderson, TR Steiner, John Summer

Connections-Art of the Jigsaw

March 10th-March 22nd

Featuring the many puzzles of Ruby Hopkins.

35th Annual Kewpee Invitational

February 15th-March 1st

 Kewpee Restaurants have sponsored this exhibition and ArtSpace will highlight student artists from area high schools. The work is categorized in eight areas: Ceramics, Digital Media, Drawing, Jewelry, Mixed Media, Painting, Printmaking, and Sculpture. Artists from eighteen area high schools entered work to be exhibited. There are awards in each of the entry categories, a Best of Show, and a Dr. Sullivan Award. Awards will be presented on the opening night.

Annual Photography Show

January 7th-February 4th

The winners of the Juried Photography Exhibit at ArtSpace Lima are: Best of Show, “Butterfly Blues,” Dominique Ysquierdo; First Place Award, “Unveiled (Morality),” Christine Herman; Second Place Award, “Glimpse of the Future,” Jacob Collins; Third Place Award, “In the Morning Light,” Matthew Stanford; Honorable Mention Award, “Transvaal Daisies,” Jonathan Dickey; Honorable Mention Award, “Starlight Sunset,” Jodi Knoch; Young Photographer Award, “Whimsical Leap,” Carson Caprella; Young Photographer Award, “Inside Story,” Spencer Davis; Black and White Award, “1972,” Margaret Green; Color Award Light, “Play #34,” Barbara Ward; Photography Club Award, “Lean In,” Christine Herman.


Second Annual Apollo Art Show Postcard
Boot Sculpture by Migiwa Orimo.



November 4th-December 31st

An exhibition of three outstanding artists interpreting recycling, repurposing, and re-imagining, materials through the theme "Lost, Recovered, and Reborn". All of the work is disparaged parts found or scavenged and presented in a new form with new life.

The Artists: Lisa Austin, Karen Bondarchuk, and Steve Parlato.

The Art of Bryan Moss

May 6th-June 18th

Moss’s commercial clients include Cirque du Soleil, Marvel Comics, Sprite, Coca-Cola, White Castle, Easton Towne Center, and a long-time partnership with the Greater Columbus Arts Council. He curated the exhibition “The Black Panther: Celebrating 50+ Years of Black Superheroes” for the King Arts Complex, and his paintings have been featured in exhibitions at Harvard, MAC Worthington, and now at Art/Space Lima.

70th Annual Spring Show

March 28th

Best of Show—Jo Bonifas, Spencerville, for organic table series, forged steel. First—Tim Wharton, for Shipwreck sculpture. Second—Kelly Massillo, for Queen of Hearts acrylic. Third—Barbara Ward, for Organized Whimsy No. 2, State 2 acrylic on canvas. Bruce Chesser Award—Robert Minto, for Small Container (Fred) stoneware. Farmer Family Award for Sculpture—Joe Bonifas, for Totemic Series No. 1 forged steel. Farmer Family Award—Mike Huffman, for Belligerent Mythology oil on canvas. Martha Gustad Award—Tom Lehman, Elida, for Half Way Market pen and ink. Meg Dickason Award—Amanda Rose, Continental, for Zen Sonoma watercolor and ink. Bowling Green State art history Professor Andrew Hershberger served as the show’s juror.

34th Annual Kewpee Invitational

February 5th-Febraury 26th

 Kewpee Restaurants have sponsored this exhibition and ArtSpace will highlight student artists from area high schools. The work is categorized in eight areas: Ceramics, Digital Media, Drawing, Jewelry, Mixed Media, Painting, Printmaking, and Sculpture. Artists from eighteen area high schools entered work to be exhibited. There are awards in each of the entry categories, a Best of Show, and a Dr. Sullivan Award. Awards will be presented on the opening night.




Annual Photography Show

January 9th-February 5th

Juried Show for Photography



Scott Rose: Unrefined

November 14th

Scott Rose is a fine artist and teacher at Allen East.

Make 'Em Laugh

July 31st-August 28th

See great art, rare and vintage comic books!

Take classes from comic book artists!

Create your own comic books!

Partnership with Alter Ego Comics

The Art of Stuart Fink

June 19th-July 17th

ArtSpace/Lima is pleased to present the work of Stuart Fink— again. It was in 1985 that Lima first became aware of the work of Mr. Fink, as he was the artist whose work was chosen to complete a public outdoor sculpture on Town Square. Trinity took two years to complete and in 1987, a dedication was held with dignitaries from around the region to dedicate the grand sculpture in Lima.

69th Annual Spring Show

April 10th-May 31st

Best of Show - Kristen Wardzala, Pandora First Place - Mike Huffman, Lima Second Place - Eva Yarger, Van Wert Third Place - John Rausch, Wapakoneta Bruce Chesser Award - Joy Noriega, Columbus Grove Martha Farmer Award - T.R. Steiner, Bluffton Martha Gustad Award - Tom Lehman, Elida Meg Dickason Award - Steve Wohler, Vandalia Jaye Bumbaugh Award - Kelly Massillo, Ada ArtSpace Awards - Joe Bonifas, Spencerville, and Haylie Bowlby, Bowling Green Juror by Jason Frantz, Founding Executive Director & Chief Curator of The Manifest Gallery in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Better Together

March 9th- March 27th

A Lima City Schools faculty exhibition.

33rd Annual Kewpee Invitational

February 13th-February 27th

Annual Photography Exhibition

January 9th-February 6th

Screen Shot 2021-06-25 at 10.52.12
Screen Shot 2021-06-25 at 12.00.48



November -December 31st

Artist: Connaught Cullen 

68th Annual Spring Show

Best of Show - Randy Bennett

First Place - Mike Huffman

Second Place - Jodi Knoch

Third Place - Joyce Daniles

The Martha Farmer Award for Sculpture - Judith Greavu

The Bruce Chesser Award for Ceramics - Carey Pedlow

The Marti Gustaud Award for Drawing - Erika Lauf

The ArtSpace Photography Club Award - Candace Haskell

The Best Painting Award - Laura Barnhardt Corle


August 15-September 19th

A family of artists from the Columbus College of Art and Design, featuring Aminah Robinson, Elijah Pierce and many more will uniquely showcase the essence of community. A special collection from local newcomer, Ethan Jordan, will also be on display and will become the backdrop for patients of Lima Memorial's new inpatient Rehabilitation Center. The show will also include a collection of local artists, highlighting the history of our community.

Blathanna Marta

(Irish for 'Spring Flowers')

Selections from the ArtSpace Permanent Collection in the Brick Gallery

Annual Photography Show

January 10-February 8th

Elija Pierce and the Barbershop CommUNITY

Screen Shot 2020-11-17 at 10.25.49


Charlie Kanwischer

November 9th

Addressing the intersection of non-objective and representational imagery within a landscape context.

Labor of Love: A Tribute to Mary Ann Sullivan

November 2-December 31

Bill Sullivan, former Operations Manager at ArtSpace/Lima has narrowed down the thousands of photos from his wife's collection to present a lovely tribute to her and the exquisite work from her years of travel and exploration. The exhibit will also mark the formal dedication of the Sullivan Gallery, located on the second floor of ArtSpace.

Forget Me Not

September 21-November 2

ArtSpace/Lima is preparing an exhibit highlighting three artist’s work as caregivers, as they captured their loved one’s decline artistically due to a diagnosis of dementia and/or Alzheimer’s. Our mission is to present high quality exhibits to the citizen to West Central and Northwest Ohio, and we feel this exhibit will be one of the best in our gallery.

'On Being'

September 26th-October 26

ArtSpace is happy to be one of the few selected sites for this exquisite show of exceptional work. Each artist is either a former student or current faculty member at the School of Art at Bowling Green State University, and each is attempting to make realism new, a way to discover the purposes of the image.

Sounds of the Summer

September 13-September 24

Pop Up Art Exhibition

The Fine Art of Robert MaGaw

August 2019

Impressionism Solo Show

She Became the Landscape

July 25th

Artspace/Lima presents She Became the Landscape / Lei Divenne il Paesaggio - Photographic works by Emily Jay and Kayla Suzanne Holdgreve.

"Emily Jay and Kayla Suzanne Holdgreve utilize analogue, alternative and digital photographic techniques to examine the myriad ways that a landscape imposes itself upon a family history, thereby helping to shape individual identities. The women look to their own family histories within the Ohio landscape, and how the legacy of the women before them and the landscape they grew up within shaped their identities."

67th Annual Spring Show

Works submitted by area artists including: painting, drawing, printmaking, photography, ceramics, sculpture, textiles, digital art and mixed media.

Annual Photography Show

Juried photography exhibit featuring work from local and national photographers.

32nd Annual Kewpee Invitational

February 22nd-April 6th

ArtSpace/Lima is proud to feature the talent of our area's up-and-coming artists. The categories include Painting, Drawing, Printmaking, Photography, Sculpture, Ceramics, Mixed Media, Jewelry, and Digital Media.


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