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Kewpee High School Invitational

On Display from March 22-April 12 2024

The Kewpee High School Invitational continues to make our hearts go flippity-flop as ArtSpace highlights student artists from area schools. Harry and Scott Shutt of Kewpee Restaurants have been supporting this exhibition for 36 years, and without them, this show wouldn't be the same. Their support for the show gives young artists a chance to have their work displayed in a professional manner. Their belief in the arts allows this community to prosper and grow


-Kewpee: Students to Watch-
{a continuation of our Women to Watch exhibition, showcasing emerging artists)

Our first exhibit of 2024 was ‘Ohio Women to Watch’, which featured 11 of the top women artists in Ohio. We are going to continue the theme of highlighting women artists this year by showcasing eleven female artists from every show. The jurors of the Kewpee High School Invitational Show have designated 11 young women who have made an impact with their art.


All of these 11 Women's work (below) show exceptional skill and promise, from the quality of the work to the message within the pieces. Congratulations!

The first of the ArtSpace 11 is Grace Musson of Ridgemont High School.

Grace Musson's Spiral Jar black and white jar with striped lid
A photo of Grace Musson using the potter's wheel

The second is Anna Averesch of Pandora Gilboa High School

A photo of Anna Averesch modeling a dragon head.
A very detailed Godzilla statue
A headshot of Ayla Tabler

Ayla Tabler from Ada High School is our third from the 'ArtSpace 11'. 

Painting by Ayla Tabler, self portrait titled "see no ayla, hear no ayla, speak no ayla" a three panel image.

Kally Cotter from Bluffton High School is our fourth from the 'ArtSpace 11 Women to Watch'.

A portrait of Kally Cotter
A sculpture by Kally Cotter of a mans shoulders and he has a giant gold question mark for a head.

Mya Brown from Miller City-New Cleveland High School is our fifth from the 'ArtSpace 11 Women to Watch'.

A colorful drawing of a purple woman. The drawing is ripped in the middle and reveals a black and white eye.
A portrait of Mya Brown

Fern Jackson from Wayne Trace High School is our sixth from the 'ArtSpace 11 Women to Watch'.


Haley Hahn from Lima Senior High School is our seventh from the 'ArtSpace 11 Women to Watch'.


Sierra Miller, from Bryan High School, is our eighth from the 'ArtSpace 11 Women to Watch'. Also Best of Show!


Hayley Chambers, from Lima Central Catholic High School, is our ninth from the 'ArtSpace 11 Women to Watch'.


Rachel Fronzaglia, from Lima Senior High School, is our tenth from the 'ArtSpace 11 Women to Watch'.


The final student of our 'ArtSpace 11 Women to Watch is Alyvia Kiser from Lima Senior High School.

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