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July 2019 Newsletter

Our Current Exhibit in the Ellen Nelson Gallery - ‘On Location’

William Mancuso, professor of art from Ohio Northern University, brings us an exhibit of plein air artists who have been painting together in New York state for many years. Occasionally, Mancuso himself gets to participate with the group casually known as The All Weather Gang. Being physically present in the light, the weather, and even the sounds of the day creates a palpable connection to the subject matter for these painters. Their work demonstrates, in exquisite ways, that we may look at the landscape around us almost every day, yet never really see it; at least not in the way these painters do.

- Linda Lehman

July is here and Art Camp is back at ArtSpace!

One of the best things in our summer calendar is the Art Camp and we’ll have a host of activities for kids during the week of July 15 through 19. If you haven’t registered, do it now! All ages are welcome. We’ll have painting, jewelry making, superhero design, printmaking, and lots more. Cost is $150 per child, $125 for members. Our location is the beautiful Cornerstone Building, next door to ArtSpace. Call today - 419-222-1721

It's not summer without.... Rally in the Square!

Thank you to all who have supported us on Friday nights since May. We will continue to bring you great music with great sound. We are grateful to our sponsors and volunteers for supporting the activities that give life to the Downtown Lima and help ArtSpace continue its high quality programming to this area and beyond. Look for some new things soon!

There's So Much *NEW* Going On At ArtSpace!

Art Therapy at Mercy Health / St. Rita’s

ArtSpace/Lima and Mercy Health have started a wonderful new program and partnership, providing art activities to patients as a communication, skill building, and healing tool. Our licensed instructors provide three classes per week and will be looking to branch out to the cancer unit soon. Research has shown that the power of art has healing effects and can address emotional conflicts, develop social skills, improve self-esteem, as well as manage addictions. Our shared commitment to the Healing Arts program will be documented in an exhibit later this fall in the mezzanine gallery of Mercy Health / St. Rita’s. Our instructors:

New Spaces - New Ideas

Our EBG Room (Everything But Glitter) is an open studio that has every art material and tool you can imagine to create. The room is available to use anytime we are open -adults and children - and the supplies are endless. Stop in and see what we have. It’s a great place for Saturday time with families or parties. Call ahead if you’d like to reserve it for the day.

The Brick Gallery is our new exhibit space on the first floor. It serves as a beautiful area for displaying art from our larger collections, or an intimate space for smaller shows. It is also the perfect backdrop for your gathering. Many people have chosen ArtSpace for their club meetings, receptions, or even weddings. You can always call us with ideas.

Our second floor library is a wonderful resource space for anyone looking for materials about art and artists. We have a large collection of materials perfect for educators and have staff available to help with interdisciplinary plans to help incorporate art into lesson plans of any academic content. The library is also a great place to have smaller meetings, which is free for members.

The Parks and Recreation Program Art in the Parks is Back!

Art Space is happy to be doing the art in the parks again all during the summer through the Parks and Recreation Program. Our instructor, Scott Rose, makes each day an art adventure with fun and engaging creations for every child. Monday through Thursday, you can see the kids creating! Watch for an end-of-the-summer mural to happen with these

talented artists!

Our Summer Intern Drew Fromm

The next time you are in at Artpace, say hello to our summer intern, Drew. He is a junior art major at BGSU and helps us with everything. What a great volunteer!

Satellite Gallery Spaces - New Exhibits

Mercy Health / St. Rita’s Mezzanine Gallery

Civic Center Mezzanine Gallery

Summer is the perfect time to see young artist’s work. The two-dimensional work will feature the permanent collection on loan from the Lima City Schools. The works are a collection of winners from the Concourse Exhibit over 20 years. Thethree dimensional work under glass is from Genesys Commons, a home schooled visionary artist, who does small sculptures from contemporary figures. The exhibit will be on display from July through September.

He’s a familiar figure - and so are his drawings. ArtSpace is home to a large collection of Dr. Adams prints and we are happy to share a sample of his cartoons and prints with the public at the Civic Center gallery. Stop up and see the award winning posters, the thought-provoking prints, and the whimsical cartoons of unsuspecting subjects. It’s a delight to see and enjoy.

She Became the Landscape / Lei Divenne il Paesaggio

July 25 through August 31

Kayla Suzanne Holdgreve and Emily Jay will be exhibiting their work in the Sullivan Gallery. These two artists utilize analogue, alternative, and digital photographic techniques to examine the myriad ways that a landscape imposes itself upon a family history, thereby helping to shape individual identities. The women look to their own family histories within the Ohio landscape, and how the legacy of the women before them and the landscape they grew up within shaped their identities.

Robert MaGaw

August 3 through September 14

Robert MaGaw is a world renowned artist, finding critical acclaim in New York City, Paris, Asia and Europe. The demand for Robert’s paintings has steadily increased over the years and his art is found in private collections internationally and in many corporations. His landscapes are luminous, executed in his signature vibrant palette and bold brushwork. After 50 years, Robert has returned to his hometown of Lafayette, Ohio and the beautiful landscapes he grew up in. This is where he lives and paints. This is home. We are very excited to have his work featured in our gallery.


September 27 through October 26

ArtSpace is happy to be one of a few selected sites for this exquisite show of exceptional work. Each artist is either a former student or current faculty member at the School of Art at Bowling Green State University, and each is attempting to make realism new, a way to discover the purposes of the image. The belief in the craft of drawing and painting as an integral part of an artist’s means of self-expression continues to flourish. Something very interesting and unique emerges when students, academics and artists from all over the country converge at a hub of artistic practice and merge ideas about their approach to picturing the world. This is intended to be a survey of what happens when traditional forms of painting and drawing are treated as an ever-important means of discovering balance through observation and patience. You will walk away with a wonderful sense of awe after seeing their interpretations of reality.

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