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On Saturday, January 15th, TJ George, Parker MacDonell and Keith Larsen graced the Sullivan Gallery with their musical talent. 

If you would like to see the full livestream video of the event, it is available to purchase and view here!

To download the album, click below.

I am TJ George, the founder of Demand Impact – an organization dedicated to recovering lives through music.

My son, Zach, was only thirteen years old when he was treated with opioids after breaking his collarbone in a skateboarding accident. Thirteen and unable to enjoy the carefree life a teenaged boy should. Because of the unbearable pain, Zach isolated himself in his room, away from his mother and me, and his friends. The opioids did what they were prescribed to do – and so much more that was beyond the intention. In just a few short days, unbeknownst to us, Zach was addicted.

In the years that followed, Zach was in and out of recovery many times. There was a period of time that Zach’s whereabouts were unknown. I learned later, he was homeless and in trouble with the law. It was heartbreaking to know my beautiful boy; so full of life and potential, was out there somewhere having his life stolen by the despair of addiction.


I had to do something. So I did what I knew, I wrote words and music. I then invited legends of the music industry to record those creations and welcomed their additional song offerings. I assembled a group of leaders to become the Board of a new non-profit organization that would insure the proceeds of the music went to the right people and places to have the most impact. Demand Impact was born, and now offers financial support to programs that service youth addiction and innovative programs that help reduce the recidivism rate among the addicted.

While the fight is never-ending, I’m pleased to say that Zach, now a recovering addict, has returned to my life and works beside me in this effort. While still fragile, he’s courageous and I know he has what it takes to persevere.

Demand Impact is the nucleus of a passionate, viral community of support that models compassion, hope, inspiration and perseverance. We point people to the best places to get help and offer financial support to programs that service youth addiction and reduce the recidivism rate amongst those addicted – helping them restore, reform, recover and find the freedom to live a better life.

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