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ArtSpace/ Lima announces the 2023 Art Fair! 

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      As a part of the new amphitheater's opening weekend, ArtSpace will be hosting an Art Fair for artists on August 4th from 12pm-6pm on the east lot next to the amphitheater. Each artist will have a 10'x10' square to display their work. All tents, shelving, canopies, and display items are the responsibility of the artist. The best thing is IT IS FREE! Space is limited. 


What do you have to do? Send 5 to 7 pictures of your artwork to by June 20th.  Pictures must be sent by June 20th 2023. Artspace will contact you by June 30th on your space. Please include your name, address, and telephone number.


Hurry - This is the amphitheater's opening weekend! The Indoorfins and Kevin Ashba Music will be performing before the headliner Al Jardine on that Friday, August 4th.

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