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February 23- April 7



Opening Reception

Friday, February 23, 6:30 - 8:30 pm
















Maria Spallinger

Summer Days


Bluffton High School








Ceramics Awards


1st Place

Austin Greutman

The Crashing Waves





Digital Media Awards


1st Place

Caitlin Lammers

Split Personality

New Knoxville












Jewelry Awards


1st Place

Dakota Clay

Infinity Gauntlet

Temple Christian





Drawing Awards


1st Place

Hannah Troyer













Painting Awards


1st Place

Isabella Bernard







Printmaking Awards


1st Place

Johnathan Retting

The Hand














Photography Awards


1st Place

     Kassandra Bishop      

Dragon Fly







Mixed Media Awards


1st Place

Olivia De Leon













For a printable copy of the Kewpee Invitational 2018 Catalogue, please click below:


Kewpee Catalogue 2018.pdf











Dear High School Art Teachers,

ArtSpace/Lima in conjunction with Kewpee Hamburgers is pleased to announce the 30th Annual Kewpee High School Art Invitational.  This exhibition is a much-anticipated show and we are looking forward to showcasing the talents of our area’s up-and-coming artists.

The categories will be the same as in years past: painting, drawing, printmaking, photography, sculpture, ceramics, mixed media, jewelry, and digital media.   First, second and third place awards will be given in each category in addition to a best of show award. 

We are asking that you, as art teachers, self -jury your school’s pieces before bringing them to ArtSpace.  We are looking for the “best of the best.”  When submitting work, please do not bring every piece produced by your students as the show has grown tremendously over the years and your pre-judging will help us keep the quality of the show high while helping to reduce the sheer volume of intake. Please do not submit more than 30 pieces.

Drop off dates for the works will be February 7-9, 10am -5pm and February 10, 10am-2pm.  Please have your pieces separated by category to ease the intake process.  In addition to having each piece marked with the enclosed tags, please email a spreadsheet of the works your school is submitting to Kay VanMeter at kay@artspacelima.com.  This spreadsheet will be emailed (or faxed) back to you with the winning pieces from your school highlighted. This process is intended to expedite the time in which you learn of accepted works for the show as well as assist with labeling the artwork.  A sample spreadsheet is enclosed.  You will hear from us via email or fax with the show’s accepted works no later than noon on Friday, February 16th.   

Please consult the enclosed sheet for further information.  Also, please be certain you have completed the enclosed entry form for your school.  Should you have additional questions, contact ArtSpace/Lima at (419) 222-1721.

Thank you for participating in this year’s Kewpee Invitational. 

Best of luck to you and your students.


Kay VanMeter

Associate Manager







Kewpee High School Art Invitational

February 23 – April 7, 2018



Eligibility and Requirements

Artists must be enrolled in 9-12th grade within Lima’s surrounding counties.  Work must be original and completed in the last two years and not shown previously at ArtSpace/Lima.  Students may enter one piece in each of the seven categories.  All two dimensional work must mounted on cardboard, foam core, or mat board with some hanging method (see sample image), or framed with a wire hanger.



The nine categories are as follows: painting, drawing, printmaking, photography, sculpture, ceramics, mixed media, jewelry and digital media.


Entry Information

Registration & Intake:

                                               Wednesday, February 7: 10am-5pm

                                               Thursday, February 8: 10am-5pm

                                                Friday, February 9:  10am-5pm

                                                Saturday, February 10: 10am-2pm

                                    *Please have pieces separated by category for ease of intake


Judging:                                   TBA (week of Feb.13th)

Notification:                            Friday, February 16

Reception:                               Friday, February 23, 6:30pm

Show dates:                             February 23 – April 7, 2018


Return of Entries:                    Rejected entries—anytime during ArtSpace/Lima regular business hours

                                                Accepted entries—anytime during ArtSpace/Lima hours after April 12th.


Labeling and Categorizing

Each piece is required to have a tag affixed.  (Tags & Entry forms are enclosed.)  In addition, you must bring/fax/email a spreadsheet, for your school, summarizing all artists, their works, the price and the category in which they are submitting Send the spreadsheet to Kay VanMeter at kay@artspacelima.com.  This spreadsheet will be emailed or faxed back to the high school contact indicating the pieces that have been accepted.  (Sample enclosed.)



Students may wish to offer their works for sale.  Sales will be handled by ArtSpace/Lima and a 30% commission will be charged.  Works not priced on entry form will be listed as Not For Sale (NFS). 



Best in Show: $100

(Per Category) First Place: $50

Second Place: $25

Third Place: $15



Please note that this is a juried exhibition; entry does not guarantee exhibit.